No.6. (Previous 6 M.W.S.)  Renamed 6 ACS 15.7.44
Formed                                  Ascot Vale                                    10.12.42
Moved                                    Royal Park                                    17.12.42
Embarked                              Sydney                                          03.03.43
Disembarked                          MilneBay                                      13.03.43
Moved                                    Kiriwina                                        03.08.43
Moved                                    Lae                                               01.12.43
Moved                                    Nazab                                           14.12.43
Moved                                    Aitape                                           23.04.44
Moved                                    Ransford                                       02.08.44
Moved                                    Mount Martha                                28.09.44
Embarked                               Randwick                                      25.02.45
Embarked                               Sydney                                          01.04.45
Moved                                    Morotai                                          09.05.45
Moved                                    Tawi Tawi                                     24.05.45
Moved                                    Morotai                                          09.06.45
Moved                                    Balikpapan                                    28.06.45
Disbanded                              Balikpapan                                    01.12.45
Detachments =
                   Milne Bay          03.08.43    24.11.43
                   Lae                    24.12.43    12.05.44
                   Jacquinet Bay   22.01.45     04.04.45
                   Morotai              20.03.45     09.05.45                                                          
                   Morotai Det:-  Embarked Sydney   20.03.45   Disembarked. 04.04.45
          Jacquinet Bay. Det:- Embarked Melbourne 12.01.45 Disembarked 20.01.45

No.6 Mobile Works Squadron.

10/12/42No.6 Mobile Works Squadron formed at Royal Park Melbourne. Its strength was 13 officers and 378 airmen.

24/01/43Squadron moved to Bankstown.

14/02/43The Squadron disembarked at Milne Bay from S.S.George W. McCrary.

03/ 1943They commenced construction of roads and building and taxiway construction of No.1 Strip.

22/03/43Shift work was introduced. The hours being 0530 hours to noon; noon to 0830 hours;

24/03/43Construction of the W/T. Transmitting hut was commenced.

30/07/43Work at Milne Bay was discontinued for the main body of the unit and loading of LST's                                       commenced.

03/08/43The Squadron began disembarking at Kiriwina, Trobiand Islands. September   S.I.A. Strip work                         was commenced. 1943.

22/11/43Milne Bay detachment arrived at Kiriwina.

01/12/43Squadron disembarked at Lae and established itself at Heath's Plantation, 8 miles along the Lae Nadzab
                   road, and immediately commenced road construction work.

16/12/43The main party moved to Nadzab and commenced construction of taxiways and hard standings.

01/ 1944The activities of the Squadron included Newton and Texter airfields.

28/4/44         The Squadron loaded equipment and moved to Aitape. Tadji Strip was  commenced at once                              together with  Administrative buildings and a flood bridge over Raihu River.

02/08/44The Squadron returned to Melbourne.

09/09/44The Squadron reformed at Ransford, Victoria with batches of men being sent to Mt. Martha,                               Victoria, for combat training.

27/10/44 ;     The Squadron marched in Melbourne in full battle dress in support of the victory movement.

09/04/45The Squadron commenced loading on the U.S.A.T. Charles Lummis for movement to operational                      areas and landed at Morotai on the 9th May, 1945.

21/05/45Loading commenced at approximately 0430 hours on LST 699, nine officers, 229 airmen and all                         the unit equipment joined in convoy for Tawi Tawi arriving there 24th May, 1945. Work was                                immediately commenced on Sanga Sanga Strip.

02/07/45The Squadron is again embarked on LST 470 for Balikpapan disembarking on Klan Dasan beach                       and proceeded immediately to Seppingang camp site.

08/07/45Seppingang airstrip work was commenced.

30/10/45Squadron disbanded at Mr. Druitt, New South.Wales.

Commanding Officers

F1t.Lt. J.F. Keays        29/12/42   06/01/44

F1t.Lt. D.C. Farren      28/01/44   30/10/45