{EXTRACT FROM WINGS MAGAZINE}
Cheers for the Mobiles

RAAF Mobile Works units are doing a grand job on the jungle air front. They have made roads through incredibly rough and timbered country, and laid down airstrips, taxiways, and revetments in places where stones of up to a ton weight have had to be rooted out with bulldozers. Under great pressure of work and the urgency of the jobs in hand, many of the lads are working out of their musterings. Coming from all walks of life and many soft-collar jobs, they have tackled the hard work of the mobile units heroically.
To see them handling heavy transport and machinery, to watch them toiling away in broiling tropic sun, to see them rushing up great "igloo" hangars wearing gloves to stop blistering from the red-hot iron roofing is to give in¬spiration no less than the grand work of the fighter and bomber squadrons.
The "igloo”, of which one shot is shown in this WINGS, was put up in record time. The timber was cut on the island, sawn, and the ribs prepared under the tireless supervision of Flying Officer Arthur Green, of Seven Mobile, who is in charge of building and construction. - Without the Mobile Boys, the RAAF airline would go forward much slower. All praise and honour to them.